Friday, 9 March 2012

So, South Hams council have wrought yet more destruction on the Royal Avenue Gardens, this time by removing the beautiful tree that stood adjacent to the Engine House. It seems that they will not be happy until every last tree and hedge has been exterminated and the whole New Ground is just a windblown desert. Once upon a time the gardens were a beautiful secluded area where one could sit and be totally unaware of the town beyond their bounds. These days one is exposed to every passing car and gust of wind, not to mention the grockles and their foul progeny churning up what were once beautifully kept lawns.

The area where the tree stood is to be paved over to provide some sort of forecourt to the Newcomen Engine and the Grockle Misinformation Centre. Perhaps the money would be better spent in actually returning the engine to working order, rather than conning visitors into paying to see 'the steam engine' pushed around by an electric motor.

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